Woman Carrying Baby Gorilla

Search Keywords: Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching!

Thanks to Jenny for finding this gem!


Muscle bunny and his fantasy lover

Search Keywords: Bunny

Man… The Easter bunny’s been httin’ the gym.


Modern Times: Black Woman Holding Human Egg

Search Keywords: Egg

I love eggs. She does too.




Young woman with rabbit

Search Keyword: Bunny

She’s been stranded on this island for weeks. Rabbit Stew for dinner?


Business Men, Desk in Office, Having Fun

Search Keywords: Jelly Beans

Yes, this is how we have fun in our office. We throw jelly beans and drink wine.


Bunny egg on garden with basket

Search Keywords: Easter, Goodies

There are so many Easter goodies to share so stay tuned this week for some good holiday fun!



Search Keyword: Survive

Wrapping up Hunger Games week with “Survive” because there wasn’t anything for “Victor.”

“Photo of a Hawaiian man on the beach, about to take a bite out of a sea urchin he found on the beach.”

I guess I’d have the same look on my face if I had to eat that. Except, I’m pretty sure I’d starve before I ate that.


Hohoho pine

Search Keyword: Tribute

I don’t quite get how this is a tribute to anything, but here’s a tribute for the Tributes of the Hunger Games. Hohoho, Pine?


Canine education

Search Keywords: Dog, Jump

I really enjoyed the Hunger Games movie. The acting, design, and editing all created a believable story… I knew the dogs were coming. Seriously. I read the book. Don’t let the lady two seats down who felt my flinch jerk her seat too tell you otherwise. What does she know? I just have strong reflexes.


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Olympic symbol isolated on white

Search Keywords: Hunger Games

This week on the Daily Stock is going to be all about the Hunger Games, and thus today’s search words.

Eric and I went to see the movie yesterday and I would say, all in all, it was a good movie.