Charming young woman dressed in a suit squirrels

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Boo and I take three walks a day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. One thing I have learned about my favorite pup is that she LOVES chasing squirrels… I’m sure she’d chase this one too.


Man on St. Patrick’s Day looking into his glass of green beer with anticipation. White background.

Search Keywords: St Patricks Day

It’s almost time to break out the Guinness and celebrate.



Two adorable children staring in wonder at the leprechaun they have caught in a jar

Search Keywords: St Patricks Day

I’m just wondering… Is the world is black and white because the leprechaun and his magic are stuck in the jar?


english bulldog wearing st patricks day wig and bowtie with reflection on white background

Search Keywords: Lucky, Green

My dog is lucky that I don’t make her wear wigs.


that time

Search Keyword: Shamrock

Woah. Okay, so it’s been faaaaar too long since an update. It’s just that I’ve been so busy with the new job, new dog, half marathon etc. And since I’m not searching for stock photos at work anymore I must continue the search after hours. I guess it’s time to pick it up again and get moving.

St. Patty’s Day is the theme of the week. Who doesn’t want to search for pots of gold, rainbows, and little green men? Er, I mean, men in little green outfits.


Giant sandwich on a white plate, with hands holding a a knife and fork on a table cloth.

Search Keyword: Overwhelming

Can you say overwhelming?? It’s been a busy couple of days what with a new dog AND a new job (starting TODAY!).

Have I bit off more than I can chew? Ummm. Good question. The jury is still out. Not to worry though, I will enjoy every bite of my new life!!


Man with surprised facial expression

Search Keywords: Profile, Shock, Surprise

Aaaaand the WINNER IS!

This images is boss requested and boss approved! (sigh)

Why is he not wearing any clothes?


Teenager and a cat looking up

Search Keywords: Face, Profile, Eye, Surprise

It’s coming!!


Surprised woman checking her cellulite on legs and she is shocked

Search Keywords: Face, Profile, Shock

“Oh my gosh!! I don’t need to be wearing this towel on my head because my hair is already dry!?”


Young boy under laptop on isolated white

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That is a small and expensive fort. What happened to the good old days of using blankets, chairs, and couch cushions?