beautiful mermaid with a paper ship

Search Keywords: Face, Eye

All designers have to deal with clients and bosses who want ugly things. Well… I was requested to find “the profile of a bug-eyed face in surprise.” Yes. This week is dedicated to that search.

Too bad I wasn’t invited to the Oscars. I would have worn this. Let’s bring back tin foil as a fashion statement.


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A repair man tipping his hat as he services a customer.

Search Keywords: Service Man

Okay. It’s true. I’ve been a slacker all week. I’m sorry. There’s no excuse. To make up for my absence, I’m posting a real winner.

Look! You can put your logo on his hat to show that you provide excellent customer service too!


Businesswoman trying to smash her cake with a hammer

Search Keywords: Birthday, Party

I know I’m on a diet, but I WILL be enjoying all of my birthday treats… allllll weekend long. No hammers allowed.


fruit kiwi cake closeup isolated on a white

Search Keywords: Chocolate, Cream, Pie

I want to make Upside-Down Banana Split Pie with Easy Fudge Sauce for my birthday. Chocolate cream pie with bananas and whipped cream! YUM!

How “Chocolate,” “Cream,” or “Pie” applies to this photo is beyond me. Looks more like “Nasty,” “Neon,” and “Cake,” are more appropriate.


problems in relationship – unhappy man and woman on a white background

Search Keywords: Affair, Divorce

I heard on the radio this morning that today (the day after Valentine’s Day) is the day when most affairs begin and divorce lawyers have their highest volume of calls. Sad but true, hence, today’s Daily Stock.

Although, if my boyfriend had longer hair than me styled in the fashion above, I don’t know if I could contain my jealousy either. I’d probably call it quits too.


Share your love, Love concept

Search Keywords: Happy Valentines Day

Happy Heart Day!

I LOVE everyone who reads my blog! And I hope you LOVE (or at least occasionally enjoy) my posts!


some slices of red spanish chorizo forming a heart

Search Keywords: Happy Valentines Day

As everyone knows, it’s the day before Valentine’s Day. If you’re a last minute shopper I have some advice: Nothing says “I love you” like Spanish chorizo in the shape of a heart. And if your local grocery store is sold out, remember that Papa Murphy’s sells a close second.

Some people really LOVE heart shaped food.


a woman chocolate cake all over her face and hands with a shocked expression on her face.

Search Keywords: Love, Chocolate

“I blacked out. When I came to, I was standing in front of an empty plate and my hands and face were covered in chocolate cake.”

I LOVE chocolate!


Purple candy heart that reads purrfect against white background.

Search Keywords: Love, Heart

If you’re looking for a single and caring gal this Valentine’s Day to snuggle up with, look no further. This conversation heart is the purrfect thing to win over the heart of the cat lady down the street.

I LOVE conversation hearts!


Happiness, close up studio shot

Search Keywords: Love, Two

I bet this shot is requested all the time for engagement and wedding photos. Who wouldn’t want a huge canvas of this hanging prominently above their fireplace?

It certainly makes a statement. Those two really LOVE each other.


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