Teenager and a cat looking up

Search Keywords: Face, Profile, Eye, Surprise

It’s coming!!


Surprised woman checking her cellulite on legs and she is shocked

Search Keywords: Face, Profile, Shock

“Oh my gosh!! I don’t need to be wearing this towel on my head because my hair is already dry!?”


Young boy under laptop on isolated white

Search Keywords: Face, Profile

That is a small and expensive fort. What happened to the good old days of using blankets, chairs, and couch cushions?


beautiful mermaid with a paper ship

Search Keywords: Face, Eye

All designers have to deal with clients and bosses who want ugly things. Well… I was requested to find “the profile of a bug-eyed face in surprise.” Yes. This week is dedicated to that search.

Too bad I wasn’t invited to the Oscars. I would have worn this. Let’s bring back tin foil as a fashion statement.


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